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Jan 31, 2023

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DeborahYaffee - Fri, Jan 24, 2014, 3:08 P
Healing Clinics Hart Yoga
The Healing Clinics at Hart Yoga began in response
to healing needs after Tropical Storm Irene in 2011.
If you are interested in being a service provider or a
recipient of services, please private message me.
Currently the clinics are going to run on a quarterly
basis. Frequency will increase according to response.
Stay tuned for the next one! Learn more about
what's happening at Hart Yoga at
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Shauna - Wed, Jan 22, 2014, 8:49 A
Today Noon: Sense Place
Conversation Cafe
Building community - one story at a time!

Topic: "A Sense of Place"

Wednesday Jan. 22, 2014, noon-2(ish)
Senior Center Main Hall, 7 Main St., Shelburne Falls, MA

A follow-up conversation to the October TEDxShelburneFalls "A Sense of Place" conference. Talk with your neighbors about your favorite places and what it means to live in our community and contribute to the vision of creating a community designed and painted mural in the village. Co-hosted by Stacy Kontrabecki of TEDxShelburneFalls and Jane Beatrice Wegscheider of the Art Garden.

Free, all-ages luncheon of soup (chowder, I hear!) bread and desserts.

Registration not required; 1st come, 1st served.

Snow date: January 29.

For more info contact:
Ellen Eller, 413-625-9933 or Penny Spearance, 413-625-9639

Sponsored by Ashfield, Buckland & Shelburne Councils on Aging with program support from TEDxShelburneFalls & The Art Garden.

Stacy Kontrabecki
TEDxShelburneFalls Curator & Producer
follow on Twitter #TEDxShelburneFalls | friend on Facebook | website | Meetup W MA

TED = Technology. Entertainment. Design
x = independently organized event
Live = livestream simulcast
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Shauna - Mon, Jan 20, 2014, 10:11 P
that is an excerpt from article by David MacLeod

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Shauna - Mon, Jan 20, 2014, 10:03 P
" is David Holmgren in 1994, concluding an essay titled “Energy and Permaculture“:

To summarize…

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (in that order).
Grow a garden and eat what it produces.
Avoid imported resources where possible.
Use labor and skill in preference to materials and technology.
Design, build, and purchase for durability and repairability.
Use resources for their greatest potential use (e.g. electricity for tools and lighting,
food scraps for animal feed).
Use renewable resources wherever possible even if local environmental costs appear higher (e.g. wood rather than electricity for fuel and timber rather than steel for construction).
Use non-renewable and embodied energies primarily to establish sustainable systems
(e.g. passive solar housing, food gardens, water storage, forests).
When using high technology (e.g. computers) avoid using state of the art equipment.
Avoid debt and long-distance commuting.
Reduce taxation by earning less.
Develop a home-based lifestyle, be domestically responsible.

And here is part of his introduction in last month’s Crash On Demand:

My argument is essentially that radical, but achievable, behaviour change from dependent consumers to responsible self-reliant producers (by some relatively small minority of the global middle class) has a chance of stopping the juggernaut of consumer capitalism from driving the world over the climate change cliff. It maybe a slim chance, but a better bet than current herculean efforts to get the elites to pull the right policy levers; whether by sweet promises of green tech profits or alternatively threats from mass movements shouting for less consumption.

It’s the same strategy advocated in both papers: Move from being “dependent consumers to responsible self-reliant producers.” The only thing that has changed is that he’s now also saying, (I’m paraphrasing), “by the way, engaging in this behavior just might help crash the system a little bit sooner.” It seems to me that this invitation is designed to bring into the permaculture fold the environmental activists that are already attempting to avert climate catastrophe by ever more defiant or desperate means – from McKibben campaigning against private oil companies (see my post here) to Klein calling for revolt (see my post here) to Jensen who claims that “the task of an activist is to confront and take down systems of oppressive power.” (see my post here).

Holmgren writes, “disillusioned social and political activists are just starting to recognize Permaculture as a potentially effective pathway for social change as 20th century style mass movements seem to have lost their potency.”

Their methods are not showing to be effective, whereas the Permaculture/Transition approach will not only put them and their community in a more secure position, it just might also “have a chance of stopping the juggernaut of consumer capitalism from driving the world over the climate change cliff.” " excerpt from article by David MacLeod

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Shauna - Mon, Jan 20, 2014, 2:44 P
Community Gardens
13 people signed up to be in the discussion group for manifesting a COMMUNITY GARDEN in Shelburne Falls, at Village Visioning last night!!!
How great is THAT!!!!

I would love it to be within walking distance of downtown. ANY and ALL input WELCOME toward creating a place in town where we can have plots and grow our own organic food together. ideas?
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Shauna - Sat, Jan 18, 2014, 2:11 P
Sunday 1/19/14 Village Visioning Potluck And Dance
Hello everyone,
You are cordially invited to this event!
Please help spread the word by sending this event invite to your email lists:

Dance & Potluck on Sunday!

VillageVisioning Potluck and DANCE
Building Community! Sunday Jan. 19, 2014
Buckland Town Hall, 2nd Floor
17 State St., Shelburne Falls, MA, near McCuskers

Deep inside we all have an inner knowing and longing for the type of life that is grounded in community. Throughout most of human history we have lived in close-knit communities while creating life together. Now in the modern world we think we have it much better - we can be independent, plugged into the system which brings us power and resources from around the globe. But part of us yearns for something that is missing: Deep connectedness to the land and EACH OTHER. We are very fortunate here in SHELBURNE FALLS that we DO have a rich sense of community and wonderful nature-based life by the river, with eagles soaring over head and local food available. Now what would make our life even better? What are our wildest dreams for our community? What else would make us feel safer if there are more huge weather events, power outages, economic shocks, or oil shortages make it impossible for trucks to deliver all our goods from afar? Lets create an opportunity to gather and honor all we love about Shelburne Falls, and dream together of what else we could create to be even more sustainable, resilient and prosperous.

Lets invite EVERYONE and have a Town-Wide Dialogue that
includes a spectrum of ages and lifestyles. Alcohol and drug free.

5pm POTLUCK - meet, greet, eat
~bring an offering to share~
6pm VISIONING circle
~bring ideas, dreams and visions~
7pm MUSIC! With DJs Marek and Faith. Boogie down!
~grazing and more hang out encouraged~

$5 suggested donation to cover Hall rent.
For more info contact: or Marek at 413-687-1574


There will be a table for presenting any current projects, so please feel free to bring anything you are working on, to show. We will have sign ups for any and all start-ups you may be interested in - book club, community garden, anything - use your imagination and dream up something you've always wanted in your neighborhood - now is your chance to share your ideas, and get something going that can benefit your community.

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